Adams Mill Oxbow Natural Area

The Adams Mill Oxbow Natural Area is a protected 50-acre wetland with a one-mile walking trail.  It is located near Adams Mill Covered Bridge, across the road from Adams Mill, east of Cutler on County Road 100 E in the southern part of Carroll County.  Parking is available across the road from the Mill at the DNR fishing access point.

The Oxbow area is so-named because of its near-circular shape, surrounded by the scenic Wildcat Creek.  The land was acquired by the Wildcat Creek Foundation in 2008, made possible with help from private donations and the Indiana Heritage Trust, which is funded by the sale of environmental license plates.  The area is a focus of the annual Discover Wildcat Creek festival which features canoe rides, nature hikes, and other attractions.

The Creek’s banks form a natural barrier for the land inside the circle. The result is a perfect place for animals and plants to flourish and humans to enjoy.  A trail meanders around the outside edge along the creek from the mill to the covered bridge, and includes a stairway to access the bridge from the lower-lying field. 

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